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eating vegan in china

Finding vegan food when travelling is never impossible, but takes a little bit of extra work for sure. In China especially, there seems to be meat in everything. I found a fantastic webpage that has little blurbs explaining in mandarin phrases like “I’m hungry but I don’t even eat a bit of meat,” “I don’t eat eggs either,” and “I’m allergic to dairy products.” I usually whip out my phone and flip through the screenshots I took of those three, elucidating a more incredulous laugh every time I tack on another food restriction and mostly a fervent head shake that I won’t be able to eat at the given food stall. I’ve been interpreting this reaction as, loosely, “girl you’re screwed.” Though we both laugh it off, my hunger still rages as I saunter away and pick up (yet another) banana from a grocer nearby. I feel like I’ve accidentally fallen into one of those once-trending “30 bananas a day” diets.
For lunch yesterday I finally found a woman who didn’t wave me away and got this noodle dish for 12yuan. I had a suspicion that the broth was meat-based, however the rest of the ingredients appeared to be veggie (I’m thinking noodles, kelp, cucumber, and peanuts). I might be very, very, very sick of noodles by the end of this trip!

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