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getting a chinese visa in vancouver, bc

The process of getting a visa is quick and easy. Basically, all the info you need can be found here, at this website. I applied for a tourist visa and received, for 142$CAD, a multiple entry visa valid for the next 3 years at 60 days maximum per entry. I dropped my documents off on a Monday around 2pm (and the office was fairly empty - no lineups) and my visa was ready to be collected on the Thursday.

- Located on the corner of Oak Street and West Broadway, at 999 West Broadway. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor.
courtesy of Google Maps
- Open Monday-Friday (except some holidays - see website)
     Application 9am-3pm
     Collection   9am-4pm
- Payment upon collection, ca$h or debit
- Visa photos can be done at BCAA on the ground floor - you only need one
- Public computer, printer, and scanner available (25c per page) - while I had an invitation letter prepared from someone in Shanghai, it was futile since I didn't have any documents/photocopies of their visas and proof of legal residence in China. Thus, I had to make a reservation at a hostel for my first night in Shanghai and printed it off at the visa centre (subsequently cancelling the reso right after handing over the paperwork).
- Itinerary not required, but bring flight bookings in/out of China, one photo, a copy of your passport page, your passport, and reservations for your first night in China (including your name).
- They've got free wifi, don't worry. (Great Firewall of China not included)

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