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meals on wheels

     Travelling with a gas burner is always handy. Sometimes, it happens, you get tired of the local food, you get fed up with MSG, you just want to cook your own food, or you're just too stingey to dish out those 30 baht for some standard pad pak (yeah, one whole dollar for fried rice!). When you're hit with any of the above, you'll be super glad to have your own just-in-case provisions. I've long run out of my trusty Clif bars, - always a nice treat when I need a home comfort, - but oatmeal and/or veg soup have been my go-to home cooked meals when travelling in Thailand. All you need are a couple of ingredients, all of which you can find at local markets and 7/11s, or grocery giants like Tesco Lotus. Some ideas for cheap eats on the road:

oatmeal - 55฿/500g 
hot water - free 
banana(s) - 10-25฿ 
soymilk - 10฿ 
peanut butter - friggin' expensive! 
- peanuts - 10฿ 

Oatmeal is my saviour. As much as I love eating local food, sometimes all I want in the morning is a nice big bowl of banana oatmeal. Peanut butter is crazy expensive, so usually I just get a bag of peanuts to crumble on top instead. 

- มาม่า noodles - 6฿ 
- hot water - free 
ผัก (vegetables) - 10-20฿ 
- chili 

Mama is probably the cheapest ready-made food you can eat in Thailand. At 6฿ a package (or 10฿ for the ones already in a cup), you can find Mama pretty much anywhere. The 6฿ packs are veg*an (despite the little pictures of shrimp - it's only flavouring), though you can sometimes find some dehydrated little shrimpies in the cup versions, so beware (but they can easily be picked out - the norm is 3 shrimps per cup). Although it's most definitely not the healthiest dish you can find, sometimes you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, or you're a veg*an stuck in the middle of a carnivorous village, and it's the only thing you can eat apart from plain rice. Yum yum yum, MSG!

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