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august 28, 2014
     The man across the aisle from me is buttering his cookie. I'm forking my "lunch" of a green bean salad and 2 slices of peeled orange as dessert. I guess the veg*an meal option on Aeroflot airlines translates into "low-fat, low-carb diet food for rabbits that can sustain themselves on a tablespoon portion of legumes and a single cherry tomato." Although I'm still starved after the meal, I appreciate that I was able to eat anything at all. I always try to call the airline a week before my flight to order the complimentary veg*an meal, though I make sure to pack an enormous amount of snacks anyway, just in case. Sometimes my veg order doesn't go through, and I'm stuck in the air stuffing myself with leftover buns and untouched salads after the other passengers had finished eating. Mmm, yummy AND nourishing.
It's not my favourite way to spend 13 hours, so I'm always coming prepared, with snacks (they help with the boredom of long flights, too. Nothing like cracking out some sunflower seeds at the 7 hour mark!). Today I stocked my backpack to the brim with apples, cucumbers, peaches, an orange, bags upon bags of nuts and seeds, and, of course, a chocolate bar and some wafers, so I think I'll make it to Bangkok without starving too much. I also like to save money at the airport by bringing a large, empty waterbottle through security and then just filling it up on the other side instead of having to buy the overpriced water they sell there. Plus, as the humidity in the cabin can be up to 6 times lower than it is normally, it's important to drink at least a glass of water every hour spent in the air to avoid dehydration. Anyway, I'm set, with my new tyres around my arm (or neck?), and here goes the umpteenth leg of this year's adventures!

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