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ethiopia itinerary - august 2013

.06 Fly from Warsaw, Poland to Rome, Italy. {Enjoy} an 8 hour layover and fly to Cairo, Egypt
.07 Arrive in Cairo at 3AM. Fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the evening
.08 Arrive in Addis Ababa at 8AM
.09 Leave for South Omo Valley. Stop by a local market, arrive in Arba Minch
.10 Drive to Lake Chomo, arrive in Jinka
.11 Hike through Ari tribe highlands, drive to Mursi village and spend the night
.12 Visit Bodi tribe, return to Jinka
.13 Visit market in Albuda (Bena tribe), market in Dimeka (Hamar tribe), drive to Turmi
.14 Visit Karo tribe, attend bull-jumping ceremony
.15 Visit Arbore tribe, then drive through Konso (also name of the tribe dominating the area) and return to Arba Minch
.16 Visit Dorze tribe, then stop by the hot springs in Wendo Genet
.17 Visit fish market in Awassa, the "Banana Leaf Gallery" in the Rastafari community in Shashemene, and return to Addis Ababa.
.18 Fly to Lalibela
.19 Continue visiting churches in Lalibela
.20 Visit museum in Lalibela, continue visiting churches
.21 Fly through Addis Ababa to Dire Dawa, bus to Harar
.22 Visit Harar with our guide Anwar and feed hyenas
.23 Bus to Dire Dawa, fly back to Addis Ababa
.24 Visit "grandmother Lucy" in the National Museum in Addis, fly to Cairo
.25 Arrive back in Poland

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