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a day in cairo

     We arrived in Cairo at around 3AM and were set to leave to Ethiopia before midnight the same day, so we didn't have all that much time to spend (unfortunately) in the ancient capital. After a combination of long layovers and uncomfortable night-flights, we decided to get a few hours' rest in our hostel* (at which we were the only guests) before setting out to see the city.
Deserted Giza
     At around 9AM we set out to Giza, with entry fees of 80 EGP per person. There were no other tourists in sight, except perhaps another group or two wandering around the pyramids. This on its own is fascinating - it really felt like it was just us and the pyramids, and of course the many locals trying to convince us into riding camels or buying their trinkets. We spent about 2 hours wandering around the pyramids, seeing the Solar boat (40 EGP) and the Sphinx, after which we took a trip into the Old City (Coptic Cairo), where we visited the Hanging Church among others.
Tahrir Square

     As our hostel was centrally located, we spent the evening resting, smoking hookah with the hostel staff and walking around the area of Tahrir Square, although the square itself was mostly deserted except for some tents and half-hanging banners (contrary to the havoc reported on international news). At the cafe located directed under Paris Hotel, we bought some pitas complete with hummous and baba ghanoug. The restaurant served a myriad of foods including Koshari, salads, and various pita wraps. At midnight, we left for the airport for 100 EGP with the driver from our hostel.

*Paris Hotel - 170EGP for a 3 person room and ensuite bathroom, wifi, kitchen, hookah, and reliable driver available for hire.
Room in Paris Hotel

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