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where to stay in zabljak

     To get to Žabljak from Kotor, there is a bus that goes through Nikšić. Žabljak is still fairly underdeveloped in terms of tourism, especially with regard to snow sports in the winter, but there's lots of great hikes to do in the area, including walking around Black Lake (Crno jezero) or climbing glaciers, or going rafting (which really isn't as epic as you might expect...). If you're into the great outdoors, it's good to spend more than a night or two in Žabljak to get a chance to see a little more. While accommodation is sparse, there is one, new hostel that's worth it to stay at, called Hiker's Den. It's not massive, but it's clean, got a kitchen, heaters (for the chill), and wifi access. It's located close to the town "centre," where there's a supermarket to buy food. It's also a close walk to Crno jezero.

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