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hopping over to chefchaouen, morocco

Catching the bus in Tanger
     When traveling in Andalusia, it's popular to jump over to Africa for a day or two. Since we'd heard that Tangier is not much more than a busy port city, we took advice and bussed to Chefchaouen instead. We left Tarifa, Spain, on the first ferry of the morning and arrived in Tangier no more than 2 hours later. From there, we took a taxi to the bus station and caught a bus to Chefchaouen. We were immediately glad that we didn't stay in Tangier - it was chaotic, people harassing us and following us on the streets, asking for money or trying to con us however they could. By the time we got on the bus, we were already drained. Around five hours later and after a pitstop in Tetouan, we arrived in quiet little Chefchaouen and sighed relief.
     The bus dropped us off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, and we had some trouble finding our way before we made it to Aline Hostel. We stayed there for a night - wifi, rooftop terrace, breakfast included, 5 minute walk from the central square and kitchen at disposal (but who needs a kitchen when Moroccan cuisine is so delicious and so cheap!) - after which we found our Couchsurfing host and stayed at his friend's hostel the next night. The three days spent in Chefchaouen were a great time to relax, move from tea house to tea house, and explore the little town. While there is not all too much to do, it's certainly nice to take a break from life, eat scrumptious tajin and lounge around in such a beautiful area.
Aline Hostel
Mint tea, the original
(Vegan) Vegetable tajin

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