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mystical delphi

There are no words to describe sunrise at Delphi, the abode of the oracle. Looking down into the valleys below, it truly did feel like I was on top of the world. It was a beautiful sight. Thankfully, we decided to visit the site at the crack of dawn, before the mass of tourist busses began to unload their camera-clad sightseeers, allowing us some quiet time to take in the ticklingly transcendental vibe of the area, teeming with ancient secrets.
The town itself can pretty much be summed up as a street filled with rooms for rent and souvenir shops. We had next to no problem finding a place to stay the night - the cheapest generally being around 10 or 12 euros per person - (the afternoon of our arrival spent on the nearby beaches of Itea, at the foot of the valley, and a mere busride away), besides the aspect of scoping out the absolute cheapest deal. In my opinion, spending one night only in Delphi is more than enough. We managed to view both the archaeological sites and the museum between 7.00 and 13.00h the next day, then caught a number of busses to make our way over to the island of Zakynthos, where we arrived very late that evening.

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