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(updated: april 2018)


kriti and her deserted beaches

Getting there and around:
We arrived by ferry from Piraeus (Athens) to Souda (port near Chania). Ferries are usually twice daily, about 8 hours, day or night. We left Athens at noon and arrived in the evening at Souda, where there is public transit to Chania. Once in Chania, we found the Old Town and from there, it was very easy to find rooms for rent, asking around and haggling prices (we managed to negotiate a little apartment from 35 euros a night to 12 euros, so sometimes bargaining can really be worth your while!). We'd gotten return tickets (as they were cheaper than 2 one-ways), and had an open return date. Since they require 24h notice, we went to the ferry office in Chania the day before we planned to leave to get our tickets. The next evening, boarding the ferry, we were turned away as our tickets bore the date of the previous day. Moral of the story? Double-check your ticket dates! Thanks to a lucky string of coincidences we were finally able to board to ferry. The nighttime ferry ride was a little rough since we didn't book seats (which is totally unnecessary, by the way, as there is free seating available around the ferry if you can get to it before somebody else does!), but we arrived in Piraeus the next morning around 5:30. Athenian public transit starts up at 6:00AM, so it's a perfect fit (by the time you get off the ferry and all).
- Chania's local beach isn't astonishingly beautiful, but it's mostly free of tourists (and filled with locals) and approx. 15 min away from the Maritime Museum, walking westward along the shoreline.
- Phalasarna
- Elafonissi

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